Iwari Board Game

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Iwari is an abstract-like euro game where players represent different tribes who endeavor to define their identity by traveling and expanding settlements into five different types of regions in a strategy game of majorities.

Iwari re-imagines the award-winning game, Web of Power, to become a timeless classic by Michael Schacht.

  •  Area Influence, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Route Building

  • Timeless classic area control with a modern flavour that can be taught in five minutes.

1 Game Rulebook
5 Player aid cards
1 Double-sided map game board("New Horizons" and "The Vast Lands")
40 Plastic totems (8 for each color)
105 Wooden tents (21 for each color)
1 Double-sided score-track board
12 Territory scoring markers
4 Mountains
5 Double-sided scoring tokens
57 Biome cards (13 red, 12 green, 11 blue,11 yellow, 10 orange)
1 Totem Scoring Marker
6 Silkscreen printed Feats (2 Discovery,2 Union, 1 Honor and 1 Respect