Scolia Home Version

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The 2nd generation Scolia auto-scoring system comes in a box the size of your laptop. Mounted directly on Bull’s Termote 2.0 Light Surround, Scolia Home provides an excellent gaming experience for home darters. After the quick and hassle-free assembly you’re ready to play with your friends, beat computer opponents or challenge anyone online. This is the perfect choice for residential customers.
Scolia Home has it all.


  • Regular dartboard with standard dimensions, traditional colouring and traditional metal number ring
  • Solid wall (preferably brick or concrete) with a flat surface around the dartboard of 75 cm in height, 75 cm in width
  • Wired Internet connection
  • Bull’s Termote 2.0 Light Surround


  • Camera-holding legs
  • Processing unit
  • Cover plate
  • Power adapter
  • LAN Cable (5m)
  • Accessories, tools for installation

The Scolia Home product itself does NOT include the Termote 2.0 Light Surround, the dartboard surround and the dartboard. However, you can buy Scolia Home with the Termote 2.0 Light Surround in our Basic Bundle package. If you need a dartboard and a surround, too, we’ve got you covered with the Advanced and the Full Bundle packages. The Scolia Home product does not include any display device either. The Scolia application runs in the web browser, so you can use any smart device (smartphone, tablet, PC) to follow your game!

The components of Scolia Home are made of biodegradable plastic to make it as eco-friendly as possible.