24000 pieces puzzle - Life

24000 pieces puzzle - Life

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Educa offers you the most complete collection of Puzzles for Adults on the market, with sizes ranging from 500 to 42000 pieces and with the best pictures and the most entertaining characters ! The puzzle ''Life'' is an explosion of colors and a big challenge for puzzle fans !

LIFE: The Great Challenge. This is one of the world's largest jigsaw puzzles at 24,000 pieces. Coming in at #4, it is surpassed by the 33,600 piece Wildlife, and the 32,000 piece New York City. When it is finished, it measures 168.5''; x 61.75'';. That is 14 feet long and 5 feet tall. This a REAL challenge for the Master Puzzler. Life is designed by Royce B. McClure, who has had well over a hundred jigsaw puzzles previously published. Like life itself, this puzzle is full of variety, color, activity, beauty, drama and above all - Life! A lot of the intricate detail won't be seen until the pieces are put together, rewarding the puzzlers with surprises as they work to complete the challenge. The puzzle comes in four packets, breaking the art up into four vertical sections that join together to make the completed image.

Make sure you've got a very large workspace for this one - you'll need it.

  • The elements represented are of a great diversity: balloons, wild animals, ligthhouse and sailboats, the planets and the underwater world.
  • Puzzle of 24000 pieces, decomposed in 4 bags.
  • Approximate size of the assembled puzzle: 428 x 157 cm.

14+ years