BATSU!: The Punishment Card Game

BATSU!: The Punishment Card Game

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BATSU! is a party card game where players compete in hilarious challenges to avoid humiliating or mildly painful punishments!

  • Based on the hit live Japanese punishment game show in NYC and Chicago
  • Put your “funny” friends to the test in challenges while risking a BATSU!
  • Everyone wins, except the loser!

Compete In Challenges
Each round a different player is the judge. The judge of the round draws a Challenge Card for the other players to compete in. These could be anything from telling a story to acting as props for a play.

Audience Suggestions
There is a deck of audience suggestions to switch things up every time a challenge is drawn. Different challenges require different types of suggestions. For example, the judge may draw a Place Card so the scene could take place anywhere from a baseball field to Mars.

Hilarious Punishments
The judge then decides which player did the worst and deserves to be punished, Japanese game show style! It could be something humiliating like calling a friend to tell an embarrassing story about you, or painful like getting an arm hair plucked out! In the end, players are either funny or get punished!


  • 20 Challenge Cards
  • 96 Suggestion Cards
  • 22 BATSU! Punishment Cards

Board Game Geek Rating: 7