Ganjaland - An Epic Weed Adventure!

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Ganjaland: An Epic Weed Adventure!

Ganjaland is the cannabis-centric remix of classic favorite, Candyland.

Ganjaland is a roll and move game where players take a trip through this stoner-friendly world of fun and adventure, encountering challenge cards, trivia, wild cards and smoke breaks on their way. 

Playing is simple, just pull a card from the deck, follow the card instructions, then move your character piece accordingly.
Who will be crowned the royal highness of Ganjaland?

Note: This game is intended for ages 21+ because ganja is for grownups :) Always toke responsibly (and legally). 


1 Game board
157 Playing cards
8 Character pieces
2 pencils
5 Photo props
1 Cannabis crown
Sand timer
Instruction manual