Dart Cards Game

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Renew your enjoyment of playing darts with this deck of cards designed to give both experienced and novice dart players hours of fun. Dart Cards enables players to choose a variety of new games to play on a standard dart board, using 3 darts. • Group or Solo Games • Uses all numbers on the dartboard • Great for practice Sample Game: 21 The Standard Shooting order: Determine shooting order by shooting for the Inner Bull. Closest to the Inner Bull starts first. Setup: Shuffle the deck and place in a pile face down. Turn top card of the deck face up. The Play: 1st player shoots for the point value of the face up card, trying to score as many times as they can with 3 darts. 2nd player shoots for the same card point value and so on until everyone has taken their turn. Discard the face card and turn over the next card. ( Optional game variation. discard card after each player has taken their turn.) ( luck of the draw) Scoring: Players total the point value of card/cards, for the 3 darts thrown. Continue play until a player reaches 21 points (or greater).