Drunk Ass

Drunk Ass

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Drunk Ass is the classic trivia drinking game that will keep you laughing and drinking all night long! Drunk Ass tests your wits before, during and
after you chug your favorite beverage. All you need to play are glasses, some liquids to imbibe in and a few friends.

Players (or teams) compete in these six party-enhancing categories: Drunk Ass Quotes,
Drunk Ass Drinks, Drunk Ass Sobriety Test, Drunk Ass

Trivia, Drunk Ass Jokes and Drunk Ass Luck.

Each card uses a series of clues leading to a common answer. Every player may have known it, but the ones that didn't get it will be saying, "I knew that!"

Players take turns rolling a die, drawing the corresponding card and gaining points for each correct answer and in the end, whoever has the most points wins!