Granboard Dash-Green

Granboard Dash-Green

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Play people live, real-time, from all over the world!

This board is totally App driven and works on both Android and IOS.

Key Features:
  • Fully English compatible App includes player details including averages
  • Saves information in a large worldwide database
  • Online playability - Play with people from all around the world!(Internet connection required.)
  • Powerful Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Technology
  • Power savings with Low Energy Bluetooth allows long term play on just 2 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED).
  • Easy installation and cordless. No worrying about finding a power outlet
  • Player change button on board, or can use app to change players
  • Power button switch on side of machine
  • Communication starts as soon as you power on machine and start App
  • 2 color LED on front of board to notify you when Bluetooth is connecting, and when it is connected

  • Measurements:
    21 1/2" x 19 1/2" x 1 1/4"

    3 Month warranty from date of purchase

    *Warranty covers malfunction of the board itself, not the software app. Segments are not covered under the warranty. Most basic issues of darts mis-scoring can be fixed by turning down the sensitivity of the missed dart feature.

    Any warranty or tech support issues MUST be handled through the HELP link on the Gran app, by contacting Gran through Facebook or by email.

    PER THE MANUFACTURER WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THESE BOARDS BACK FOR TECHNICAL ISSUES. Any and all technical, defect, and troubleshooting issues will need to be handled directly with GRAN.