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The great lords of feudal Japan are waging a war without apology. You are one of them and your border is threatened. Lead your troops and read the intentions of the enemy to take control of the battlefield and lead your samurai to victory!

This fast, tactical card game has you reading the table and your opponents. Fight on multiple fronts with hidden and open cards… can you guess your opponent’s strategy and win victory at the most battlefields? Surprising depth unfurls from a simple set of card interactions. Choose wisely to win!

Key Features

●      Build the strongest army at various battlefields. Different battlefields will shift your strategy as your opponents commit their units!
●      Beware of your opponents’ hidden units!
●      Use your units’ special abilities to maximize your strength!


●      Ages: 12+
●      Play time: 30 min. 
●      # of Players: 2–4
●      Game Type: Strategy, Bluffing

●      52 army cards
●      10 battlefield tiles
●      1 rulebook