Monopoly The Card Game

Monopoly The Card Game

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Monopoly The Card Game

Familiar and fun! Take the fun of the Monopoly board game and the familiar gameplay of Rummy and you’ve got Monopoly “the card game”! great for travel and family game night.

    Object of the game: the object is to draw and trade until the 10 cards in your hand are organized into one or more of the Monopoly “color-groups”.

    A complete Monopoly color group: includes all the property cards of that color-group. Boardwalk and park place complete the dark blue group. (A railroad group can be 2, 3 or all 4 railroad cards.)

    Contents: include deck of 60 high quality playing cards, bank (card), pad of Monopoly money and illustrated instructions.

2-4 players,

Ages 8+