Pathagon Game
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Pathagon Game

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PATHAGON is the new mentally stimulating, ever changing, 2 person strategy game of crossing paths. While PATHAGON is quick and easy to learn, there is a depth of strategy that will keep students on their toes! Players take turns placing a piece on the board in an attempt to build a connecting corridor from one side of the game board to the other. Yet, they're building paths in opposite directions! Sound simple? Perhaps simple enough to learn...but not so simple to master! There is one "trapping" move which allows a player to catch and remove one of their opponents' game pieces from play...making it necessary to perhaps change strategy! Every move has an offensive and defensive consideration. True brain exercise! The first player to connect their path wins. PATHAGON is straightforward enough to be understood and played by elementary aged students but, strategic enough to engage a lifetime gamer.

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