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Saboteur is a hidden role family card game that is light on rules and components, straightforward in its concepts and immediately a mess of mistrust and misdirection the moment you start playing.

Saboteur can be played by anywhere between three and ten players. There are seven Good Dwarf cards and four evil Saboteur cards. No matter how many players you have, you’re always dealing from a slightly larger deck, calibrated according to player numbers, and so you never know exactly how many saboteurs you might be facing. In games of three and four players, you might not even be facing any.

Can you and your fellow miners complete a path to the hidden gold, or will the saboteur thwart your efforts? With a unique combination of cooperation and betrayal, Saboteur reveals new secrets every time it’s played.

  • Fantasy Family Party Card Game
  • Bluffing
  • Mining Exploration
  • Partnerships With "Take That"