Standard Matt Campbell Black Condor Axe Flight-Long 33.5mm

Standard Matt Campbell Black Condor Axe Flight-Long 33.5mm

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Standard – Canadian Matt Campbell – Black Condor Axe Flight

World-Class all-in-one flight system.
One piece solid design.
Next generation resin technology.
Strong and Durable. Lasts incredibly long time.

Condor Axe Flight System is the next generation of flights, made from a special resin to produce an easy to assemble all-in-one hard flight. This flight system provides high elasticity and extraordinary durability that has never been seen before.

Care and Use

    • Excessive force near the barrel to shaft screw in section may lead to unnecessary damage and cause the threads to fail prematurely. Applying minimal force is more than sufficient to attach flight system firmly to barrel. We recommended you use rubber O-rings with these to prevent over tightening.

    • For consistent performance and minimal adjustments, it is advised when removing darts from the dart board to grip the barrel and not the shaft and flight section.

  • Due to the condor cut technology, air buoyancy is slightly increased and therefore it is advised to use a slightly lighter than usual throw.