Swiftflyte 180 Dartboard

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Brought to you by the Official Supplier to the National Darts Federation of Canada, the Swiftflyte 180 is ideal for those seeking their recreational dartboard. Engineered to exacting standards, the Swiftflyte name is synonymous with unbeatable quality and value. The 180 Bristle Dartboard includes many features that makes it the best-in-class recreational bristle dartboard available on the market. Staple free Bullseye.


  • Diameter of board: 17.75 inches (45.09 cm)
  • Made to World Darts Federation (W.D.F.) Specifications
  • Staple-free bulls eye provides maximizing scoring potential
  • Redesigned wiring system and 25 ring increases scoring area while minimizing bounce outs
  • Millions of tightly packed self-healing sisal fibres provide excellent durability and visibility
  • High tensile round-wire system provides longevity and maximum game time; Rotating number ring extends the life of the dartboard