Butterfly 302 FL Table Tennis Bat

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  • BUTTERFLY 302 FL – This Butterfly ping pong paddle will give you just the right amount of spin and speed with control for beginner to intermediate ping pong players.
  • GREAT RUBBER: This ITTF approved Butterfly table tennis racket offers inverted red and black Yuki 2.1mm rubbers providing a springy feel and extra sticky for spins to help you beat your ping pong opponent.
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP – The ping pong paddle handle has a rounded flared design offering superior grip and comfort. The shakehand style with the white, grey, and red colored handle makes it a stylish table tennis paddle.
  • This table tennis racket comes with a free ping pong paddle case to protect the rubber prolong the life or your table tennis racket.
  • TOURNAMENT APPROVED – This ping pong racket is for those wanting to hit hard shots with spin and is International Table Tennis Federation - ITTF approved for tournaments.