Target Mod Hub

Target Mod Hub

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Mechanical board turning – no need to remove your board when turning up to 10 times! 

  • Power outlets integrated inside the hub.
  • Solid fixing points for all of your accessories. 
  • Modular design allows users to setup the system to suit their needs. 
  • Ability to add, change and remove accessories depending on your game. 
  • Continued development of the MOD system means there’s always something new on the horizon.

The MOD HUB is the centre piece of the system, once installed you are then able to build and design your own set up utilising a number of additional accessories and products. The HUB allows you to grow your system in any direction to fit your room or set up.

Key Features of the MOD HUB 

  • 10 x Mechanical dartboard rotations without the need to remove your board. 
  • Your dartboard connects to the HUB, to rotate your dartboard, a simple pull and turn will unlock the system and allow you turn your dartboard before locking securely back into place at the perfect angle.
  • Rotating your dartboard can be done without removing your dartboard or accessories.
  • Multiple power outlets to aid your game and keep your setup wire free. 
  • Each HUB has 1 power input and 4 power outlets to keep your scoring device charged at all times and power your lighting system such as the MOD HALO.
  • Multiple different angles to grow your set up.
  • Each HUB contains 8 different angles for you to grow your MOD system. When connecting the MOD RAILS you can go in any direction you require depending on your personal preference and room space. 
  • The material used on the Hub is noise dampening. 


A key feature of the MOD SYSTEM is to allow users to customize the setup to suit their needs. In this first release, you can also purchase the products below.  

The MOD system will continue to grow and develop with new innovations moving forward. This is just the start. 

Extra accessories available: