Target Pro Tour Dartboard/Surround Combo

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Highly compacted superior sisal combined with 40 years of excellence enables us to create this championship self-healing, instant shape recovery bristle dart board.

The Target Pro Tour Dartboard features Smart Edge Technology which is 35% thinner than conventional round wire dart boards, increasing your target area and maximising averages. 100% Staple-free stainless steel wire construction ensures longer life and improved design.

Complete with Target's fully rotational, Anti-Glare number ring.


The Target Pro Tour surround has been specifically developed to offer the best protection from stray darts whilst embodying Target's distinctive design aesthetic.

Made from an Active Reflex Polymer material which prevents unsightly penetration marks and finished in matt black or matt red which allows for easy sticker application.

The Target Pro Tour Dartboard Surround features a ribbed back design for improved strength, combined with a unique lightweight construction means the surround sits perfectly around your dartboard without any need for mounts or fixings.