Monte Carlo 500 Piece 13.5 Gram Casino Poker Chip Set

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You'll think your playing Monaco with this high quality denominated chip set. These chips are some of the heaviest on the market and are made from a resin composite, so you'll know that they will last. They have a fabulous tactile feel and solid sound that you’ll enjoy game after game. Each “Monte Carlo Casino” white coloured chip is distinctively decorated with coloured stripes with embossed crowns and laurel leaves for a unique old world look. Neatly stored in a deluxe aluminum case which features extruded aluminum edges for durability, black flocked chip tray and waffle foam in the lid. Complete with two decks of cards, five casino dice, and a dealer button. 150 Grey ($1), 150 Maroon ($5), 100 Dark Green ($25), 50 Blue ($50) and 50 Black ($100) chips in the set.